Colour Pictures

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We are a Creative Film Production enterprise with a focus on British Asian Cinema. Films play a large part in promoting understanding, tolerance and relationships between communities and individuals from different ethnic backgrounds and we aim to inform, educate and entertain through the medium of film. Our unique objective is to mix the technical craft of western cinema and yet retain the soul and essence of eastern cinema, in terms of story telling, characterisation and performance.

Language, Culture, Religion, Social Values and Morality are seemingly relative in different societies around the world, and through our films, we aim to explore the underlying and unifying trends that are common to various communities in different societies. We feel that this will provide a new breed of cross-over cinema to audiences around the world - one which is truthful and actually celebrates diversity and multiculturalism. Our meticulous research at the scriptwriting stage combined with the freedom we like to give our creative artists and the attention to detail provided by our film technicians combine to create a synergy within our productions that leads to a high quality final product, which not only entertains but also makes meaningful cinema more fashionable.

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