Contact Young Actors Company (Training)

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Contacts Young Actors Company (CYAC) is one of the most diverse and forward facing groups of young actors and artists you are likely to come across.

CYAC isn’t a star academy or a darling department where actors aim to out do each other and get scouted for a TV drama or sitcom (although many former company members have been given professional engagements in both TV and Theatre) - it’s a company where young actors and artists can grow and explore the different styles and practices that they will come across during their year (3 terms) in the Company.

Being a part of CYAC is a real experience and you will be treated in the same way as a professional actor would. You are expected to show a true level of commitment and flexibility in your role and have a true responsibility to your own professional and creative development.

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    Alternative Company Names

    • CYAC
    • Contact Theatre Young Actors Company
    • Contact