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Creative Cow is a touring repertory theatre company. Formed in 2007 by
Amanda Knott, Jonathan Parish and Katherine Senior.
The aim is to present to wide and diverse audiences the very best in classic and contemporary playwriting with imaginative and accomplished performances.

The atmosphere is one of intimacy and informality within a professional framework.

Performances are designed to be simple, direct and entertaining and easily
transportable to theatres, studio spaces, schools, pubs and private houses.

The company is happy to set up the stage, lights and sound system and perform anywhere … however, it is mindful that the quality of the
performance should not be compromised.

We frequently follow each performance with an informal chat with audiences so
that comments and questions can be put to the actors - this is an important feature in schools and colleges.

Headquarters and rehearsal space are on a devon farm
- home to many cows - hence the name
Creative Cow

The company’s logo is a picture of Gloria, a rare breed White Park
with a substantial history.

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