CultureClash Theatre

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CultureClash Theatre was launched by Serin Ibrahim (Artistic Director) and Cassandra Hercules (Outreach Director) in 2015.

The company was created to produce theatre which engages in contemporary socio-political issues in Britain, and to tell the stories of women of all ages who are marginalised in today’s society.

Their debut production was a revival of John Retallack’s Hannah and Hanna, originally written in 2001 in response to the Kosovan refugee crisis. Establishing a spirit of challenge and interrogation, the production recast the lead white character as a young third-generation immigrant of Black Caribbean heritage, exploring the way in which racism and a sense of belonging has changed in our country. The company won the Guildford School of Acting ‘Mark Ralston Enterprise Award’ and secured Greenwich Theatre as a co-producer.

CultureClash was born out of a decision to tell the stories of women marginalised in today’s society. At the heart of our theatre making process we aim to creatively engage with the wider community and to encourage a creative exploration of Britain’s ever changing social consciousness.

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