D'Avekki Studios (Production Company, game)

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D’Avekki Studios is a media production company run by husband and wife team Tim and Lynda Cowles.

Since 2003, we’ve produced several media enhanced games available in the high street, including Murder Mystery Party games and an official Big Brother boardgame for Channel 4. We also sell our own products (and other people’s!) via our online retail stores www.the13thfloor.co.uk, www.tarotchest.co.uk and www.murdermysterystore.co.uk

Currently we’re concentrating on producing more films and games, to complement our Tarot Stripped Bare DVD and Murdero card game.

When we’re not doing that, Lynda writes fiction and tarot articles, Tim screenwrites and films music videos and horror features, and we both look after the retail stores. It’s never dull around here…

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