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Hello and Welcome to the new Doorway Films Website.

Feel free to have a browse and look at some of my work.

Who am I?
Well I started Doorway Films with a mate from College as a part-time hobby basically. We made our first film, Cooper's Cradle and followed that up with Dinner Time and Pizza Delivery.

Unfortunately it quicly became apparant that the shorts we were making weren't up to the quality we were wanting so we decided to upgrade our equipment.

Being fresh from College we didn't really have the funds to buy the kit we needed so we decided to use the gear we did have to set up our own wedding DVD company.

Keeping the name, Doorway Films we set up and had two successful years producing weddings for couples from Dingwall to Dubai! After the two years however, Scott, my partner in business, wanted to expand and move on. He has now set up his own Wedding DVD company, Scott Films, which is proving very successfull.

So for the last two years Doorway Films was on the backburner, with only one short - The Room - to show. Production began on my "Circle of Children" trilogy last summer but unfortunately that failed to materialise.

Connected mandy members:

Arseni Loika
2020, Doorway, Lighting Designer, Production Assistant
Steve Hay
2008, Reunion, Kyle Graffin
2008, Reunion, Mark Baker

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