Ealing Studios (Production Company)

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Ealing Studios is the oldest continuously working studio facility for film production in the world. Based in Ealing, West London the studio has operated in one form or another since 1902 & is seen as a British institution.

One of the studio's most famous periods was the post WWII, when it output multiple comedies, including:

  • Passport to Pimlico
  • The Lavender Hill Mob
  • The Ladykillers

The studio was owned and operated by the BBC between 1955 & 1995. Since this time the studio has returned to releasing films under its own name. Some of the studios most famous output includes:

  • Shaun of the Dead
  • Burnt
  • The Imitation game

Downton Abbey's interior scenes are shot on stage 2.

The studio was repurchased by the BBC & subsequently sold to the National Film and Television School for a gestural fee.

Ealing Studios has played host to many famed actors and masters of cinema. Multiple Mandy members have worked at the studio over its long history. If you would like to find work sign up for a Mandy account and join these veterans.

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