Electric Theatre Company (Theatre Production Company)

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Wrapped in layers of visual and physical imagery, our plays, at their core, speak to audiences of an accelerated culture at an exhilarating rate.

Nontraditional staging. Takes. New routes. The immediacy of our very live theatre captures the contemporary imagination with stories that are fresh, raw, and relevant.

Our stories grow out of issues, themes, or narratives that appear on our collective radar and are fed through a process of intensive research and aesthetic critique. We tune in to stories of personal and social transformation. We are excited by the role of technology in people’s lives; how the impulse of invention continues to flow against the resistance to change.

We strive to create theatre that is life-affirming, inspiring and provocative, and to promote theatre as an educative, cultural, and by all means fun, experience. With a fresh approach to the use of space in our storytelling we transform venue into narrative. Challenging the established conventions of creating theatre and watching theatre, the Electric Company constantly experiments with its own formulae. We believe in theatre that is accessible: financially and thematically. Audiences are always at the forefront of our work.

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Alternative Company Names

  • electric theatre co.
  • electric theatre co
  • electric theatre
  • electric tc