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Face 2 Face is an educational theatre company made up of a team of theatre and education professionals. In the last decade, this team has been a constant reference of quality in the panorama of English-teaching, garnering an excellent reputation with teachers as well as students for their professionality, sense of humour, and good work. This reputation has allowed us to collaborate with Obra Social de Caja Madrid, Fundación, Caja Rioja, CAI Zaragoza, Caja Duero, Teatros Alcázar y Häagen-Dasz Calderón de Madrid, the Town Councils of Madrid and Zaragoza, The Rioja Government, the CPRs of Segovia y Plasencia, Oxford University Press, Editorial Vicens Vives y Escenalia S.L, amongst others.

Over the last ten years Face 2 Face has developed a variety of projects designed to reinforce the learning of English and bring students in touch with anglo saxon culture:

- we write, devise and produce plays specifically designed for students of primary, secondary, bachillerato and Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomast that go on tour throughout Spain.

- we create interactive storytelling sessions for all age groups

- we do workshops on a variety of themes.

- we encourage students to read using a variety of workshop techniques.

- we produce family shows for the most prestigious of theatres.

We create plays specifically directed toward students at the levels pre-school, primary, secondary, bachillerato, and Official Schools of Language — all protagonized by actors who are native speakers. In each case our team very much bears in mind the best way to reach participants using various theatre and didactic techniques, and the linguistic structures appropriate to the level. At the same time, humour, songs, action, and mime get the public participating in a completely theatrical experience.
How do we do it?

The key to Face 2 Face's success is the interaction between the actors and the public. From the very first moment the students are encouraged to use their knowledge of English to help the development of the shows. Members of the audience are invited on-stage, where they improvise some of the play's roles with the actors. Laughter helps students relax and loosen up, allowing them to draw upon linguistic resources that they might not use in a more formal environment, such as a classroom.

The plays are performed completely in English, making participants "think" in that language and use the knowledge they possess. On the other hand, body language, mimickery, and the actors' gestures facilitate comprehension.

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Face2Face Theatre Company, Spain
Cathy Parkin
2020, Seasonal Tour, Dr Frankenstein/ Princess Polly/ Beth/ Various
Face2Face Theatre, Madrid
2020, Little Shop Of Horrors, Ensemble
2019, Touring Spain, Actor
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2019, Face2Face, Multi-role productions
2019, Derailed, Inspector Clueless
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2019, Derailed, Lady Anesthesia
2019, 2019 New Season Trailer, Actor
Teatro Figaro, Madrid
2018, Wild Wild West, Johnny
2018, That's Life, John Doe

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