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fanSHEN uses theatre to help people imagine what they haven't thought of yet.

Our work promotes ideas of environmental, social and financial sustain-agility and these ideas are embedded in the making-process.


- make internationally-influenced visual theatre with superb acting, distinctive aesthetics and eloquent movement

- celebrate the principle of 'stronger together': collaboration with the right people can give our combined work greater and wider impact

- subvert the spectator's conventionally passive role, from creating platforms for audience talkback to inviting their physical involvement in our shows

- seek communities whose existing interests overlap with the stories we tell and invite them to become new audiences

- believe that no space should be safe from theatre and that new environments inspire new relationships and exciting discoveries

- create long-term dialogue with people and places who inspire us.

Connected mandy members:

Maria Thomas
2018, Shutdown, Sarah
Maria Thomas
2018, R&D, Multiple
2018, Blackout, Daisy
Sam Clear
Project Manager
2015, Invisible Treasure, Production Manager
Charlotte McBrearty
Deputy Stage Manager
2013, GreenandPleasantLand, SM (On Book)
2013, GreenandPleasantLand, Senor Paz
Joshua Pharo
Lighting Designer
2013, Cheese [a play], Lighting Designer
29-31 Oxford Street
Roger Smissen
Automation Operator
2013, Cheese, Assistant Lighting Designer
Oxford Street
Greg Mickelborough
Production Manager
2013, Cheese, Production Manager
Site-specific: Oxford Street, London
Chris Bone
2012, Green and Pleasant Land, Various Roles
Al Barclay
2012, Green and Pleasant Land, Babs
2011, Fixer, Man
Oval House Theatre
Dan Barnard
2010, MOSHING LYING DOWN by Marcelo dos Santos, Co Director
Dan Barnard
2009, SHOOTING RATS by Peter Turrini, Co Director
Lilian Baylis Old Site
2009, Shooting Rats, Ads
Oval House Theatre
Kim Swaden-Ward
Production Manager
2009, Shooting Rats, Production Manager
Sophie Martin
Assistant Stage Manager
2009, Shooting Rats, DSM
In Association with Oval House
Dan Barnard
2007, MEETINGS by Mustapha Matura, Director

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