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Throughout 2011 Sky's Crime Investigation Network will run our six-part series about Europe's biggest growth crime - Stalking. Again, first-person narrative will drive these compelling stories. This is just one of the programmes for which we have been nominated for an award this year - the RTS 'Best Documentary'. The series has now been seen throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand and has provided bumper ratings for channels in Scandanavia and Italy.

But we take a broad approach to the genre we choose and broke new ground with a national BBC Comedy first for BBC THREE and then BBC TWO which marked the first 'narrative comedy' ever to be commissioned from the English Midlands. Trexx and Flipside is a 'Rap' comedy about two hugely loveable characters who dream of Hip-Hop stardom - only to be thwarted by their own management team of Mr. Brilliance and his PA,Ollie, and the GangstaRapper they went to school with - B-ICE. Street Cred SuDoku is a comedy panel show which lampoons everything and anything that has ever been in fashion (for the Dave Channel) and Most Haunted Live both helped define SkyLiving as a player in the Entertainment sector and confirmed us as an Event producer of TV from our English Midlands base.

Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

Kristian Barrass
Camera Operator (HD)
2021, Kill Thy Neighbour - 5 Star (My5), Lighting Camera operator/Drone Operator
Julie Wood
2021, 10 Steps to Murder, Sally Lawrence
various locations in Coventry
Shaid Parvaz
2020, The Ladykillers, Nasser Hussain
Sushant Nair
2020, The Lady Killers (Season 1, Episode 6: Mahmuda Khatun), Mohammed Miah
Patsy Prince
2020, The Lady Killers, Zatoon Bibi
Niti Dhingra
2020, The Lady Killers, Saima Khan
2020, Nurses Who Kill, Eric Lloyd
Sibford Ferris
2020, Ladykillers- True Crime TV Series, Hannegret Donnelly ( Lead)
2020, Ladykillers, Brian Winchester
Colten Dietz
2020, inside the mind of a serial killer, Director
Pardip Kumar
2020, 10 Steps to Murder, Rahim Mohammadi
2019, The Ladykiller series, Gul Nawaz
Leamington Spa
2019, THE LADYKILLER, Lucky (Lakhvinder Cheema)
Leamington Spa
2019, The Lady Killers (Episode 8), Virginia Vertetis (reconstruction)
Yasir Senna
2019, The Lady Killers, Hafeez Rehman
2019, Nurses Who Kill: Series 3, Thomas Dunkley
2019, Nurses Who Kill (Netflix), Shaun Cummins
2019, Nurses who kill "Kathy Augustine" 2019 Episode 1, Kathy Augustine
Jules Boddy
2019, Nurses Who Kill, Catherine Novak
Andy Pandini
2019, Nurses Who Kill, Paul Novak

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