Front Foot Theater

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We are a new theatre company of experienced actors using the Meisner Technique that allows us to improvise giving the audience a different performance every night.

The very nature of the Meisner technique allows for an organic development of a piece, which gives more freedom for an actor’s instincts to flourish. Our initial play The Seagull is a perfect marriage between Meisner and Chekhov. Chekhov is often criticised for being too philosophical using lengthy monologues and not much action. This is where the Meisner technique comes into its own. One of Meisner’s famous quotations that illustrates the emphasis on “doing” was “An ounce of behaviour is worth a pound of words.” The words are just the framework where the real nature of the play is communicated, through behavior and layers of subtext. This is realized though relationship exercises that flesh out a believable inner world that is always fascinating to watch. The technique emphasises “moment-to-moment” spontaneity through communication with other actors in order to generate behaviour that is truthful within imagined, fictional circumstances.

We would like to show people that Chekhov can be very dynamic and passionate if we are concentrating on what’s going on between the characters rather than what they are talking about.

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Alternative Company Names

  • The Front Foot Theatre
  • Front Foot Theatre