Future Shorts

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Future Shorts is one of the leading and most innovative short film labels. Since 2003, Future Shorts has created a rapidly expanding network that allows filmmakers the opportunity to have their work seen on the largest theatrical platform worldwide. Passionately believing in getting short films seen and creating a culture around the medium, Future Shorts is recognised by filmmakers, the industry and press alike as the cutting-edge short film label. Future Shorts is a worldwide film festival as well as a distributor, sales agent, consultancy service and DVD label. This is fresh cinema, Future Shorts.

Future Shorts Exhibition works as a worldwide short film festival providing an alternative system to the traditional film festival model. Filmmakers have the chance to get their work seen all over the world from just one submission. Films that are selected to join our monthly programme are currently being shown at 15 UK venues ­ both theatrical and non-theatrical.

The international network currently comprises of more than 60 cities and 18 countries worldwide conducting regular Future Shorts screenings. Future Shorts Exhibition aims to provide an alternative cinematic experience, where screenings are often accompanied by other multimedia elements including live music and rescores, performers and installations

Future Shorts Jobs

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