Guiding Light Theatre Company

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"Guiding light Theatre" company was formed by Laurene Omedal who as a professional performer and director and producer felt a need to create a platform for her talents and other talented performers especially over the age of 40. The plan was to offer great parts to mainly talented ladies who were mature in age and yet brimming over with talents and skills in theatre and yet not being offered the right parts or being offered small inconsequential parts due to their age being a barrier. As well as young talented men and women Ie the cast is a mixture of Actors of all ages and abilities Laurene has gathered some of the most talented actresses for this production of "Scrubbers" and she aims to get it toured all over the country in the new year.
Other shows are in production and will go ahead in the new year watch this space as well as workshops to cast a fantastic new and exciting musical.

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Alternative Company Names

  • guiding light theatre co.
  • guiding light theatre co
  • guiding light theatre
  • guiding light tc
  • Guiding Light Productions