Hammerpuzzle Theatre Company (Theatre Production Company)

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Hammerpuzzle theatre was established in 2007 by graduates from Bath Spa University’s Performing Arts: Acting degree course and have worked extensively, and have heavy links to, their in-house theatre company, Full Tilt.

A collection of us decided that we wanted to continue to work with one another in the same fashion to which we had been trained; with play, with verve, and with generosity. We wanted to create an outlet for our fellow and future graduates to persist in this rich vein of theatre training. So therefore, Hammerpuzzle was created.

What is Hammerpuzzle? Hammerpuzzle is a single word that we fashioned from an amalgamation of ideas, which best describe and embody the work that we produce. We take a stimulus, most often a classic or renowned piece of literature, and then, through an intense exploration process, we dive in and immerse ourselves in that particular world. Together, we hunt for the essence of the piece. What speaks to us as individuals and as an ensemble? What absolutely compels us to tell this particular story? Once we have captured this gut reaction to the text at hand, we begin work on placing it all back together again in a completely new, rehashed, re-invented, and relevant form. It is as if we literally smash apart the text (with a hammer!) and piece it back together again like a jigsaw. This completes the picture that we, the company, believe it should be.

Hammerpuzzle believe, and strive to maintain, that our work is forever storytelling, an act of ritual, and an event. In other words, theatre that is communally shared between all involved, performer and audience alike, that transcends the everyday normality

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Alternative Company Names

  • hammerpuzzle theatre co.
  • hammerpuzzle theatre co
  • hammerpuzzle theatre
  • hammerpuzzle tc