Hat Trick Productions (Film and TV Production Company)

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Hat Trick was set up by 3 friends in a cramped office north of Oxford Street in London in 1986: the era of Filofaxes and huge mobile phones. Today the Filofaxes have been replaced by Blackberries, the offices are a bit larger but the mobiles are thankfully much smaller. However, one thing hasn’t changed about us – our aim was then, and is now, to make television programmes which we ourselves would like to watch. For the best part of 20 years we have been working with some of the best writers, producers, performers and crews – not to mention a superb back-up team – to try to bring to the screen the best examples of television we can possibly make into 3 areas of comedy, drama and entertainment.

Known TV Show involvement

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Alternative Company Names

  • Hatrick Productions BBC1
  • Hatrick Productions
  • Hatrick North Productions
  • Hatrick
  • Hat Trick/SKY TV
  • Hat Trick via Guys & Dolls
  • Hat Trick Television
  • Hat Trick Productions Ltd.
  • Hat Trick Productions Limited
  • Hat Trick Productions for BBC
  • Hat Trick Productions & Busby Productions
  • Hat Trick for BBC
  • Hat Trick / Sky
  • Hat Trick
  • Hat Tick Productions