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Home to the most advanced thinking in undergraduate and postgraduate healthcare education and information for the last 15 years; Healthcare Learning is dedicated to helping healthcare professionals progress in their careers, as well as offering a wide range of products and services for corporates, healthcare organisations and academic institutions.

We produce absorbing, online learning programmes, effective support systems and powerful web design, alongside delivering undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications with the best universities around the world. We bring learners and leading experts together in an online community.

Healthcare Learning also holds live webinars, a yearly conference, and brings the latest news in dentistry to the masses.

Connected mandy members:

Omar Gobere
2019, Healthcare Learning, Editor
Caitlin Vine
2018, Healthcare Learning - Training Video, Bipolar - Mania Patient
Hyde Parks
2017, Smile On, Mark/ Dental Patient
Willow Avenue Studios
2017, E. Learning Programme, Ms June Kladwin
Southmead Hospital Pathology Dept
2017, E-Learning Project, BFCC, Sarah
Mount Pleasant Studios
Brian Law
2017, Dentist Training, Dr. Jon Francis
2017, CLINICAL CASES, Dr. Claire Whittaker (LEAD) - US ACCENT
Alex Walker
2017, Biomedical Foundations through Clinical Cases, Joe Costa
2017, BFCC:cranial nerve disorder, George
Mount Pleasant Studio
Paul Campion
2017, BFCC Module: Parkinson's Disease, David (Parkinson's patient)
Mount Pleasant Studios, London WC1X 0AE
2017, BFCC Group 2 (Dental Training), Janette Scott
Andrew Nash
2017, BFCC E-Learning Project, Victor
2016, E-Learning Series for Dentists, Dentist #2
2016, E-learning programme, Rachael Tremlett
Soaf Wyatt
Make-up Artist
2016, E-Learning Medical Films, Special Effects Make-Up Artist
2016, CLINICAL CASES (BFCC), Dr Claire Whitaker (LEAD) - US ACCENT
Sanna Kelly
2016, BSI Sepsis, Dr Redcliffe
Southmead Hospital, Bristol
Wayne Brown
2016, Blood Stream Infections: Focus On Outcomes, Dr Jacob Finton
Southmead Hospital, Bristol
2016, BFCC Smile On, Jeremy
Sophie Louise Davis
Make-up Artist
2015, Pulmonary Education, Makeup artist

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Healthcare Learning, HLC, Smile-On, Smile-on Healthcare Learning