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Hobgoblin Theatre Company is a young and dynamic group of actors committed to bringing entertaining, educational theatre into your school. We have all trained professionally and are members of Actors Equity, as well as having extensive experience of Theatre In Education. We write all of our plays ourselves to ensure that they have a firm historical basis that directly supports the National Curriculum. Each of the hour long plays brings the past to life through vibrant characters and engaging stories, during which time the children are involved interactively through decision making and discussion.

Connected mandy members:

2021, The Wind in the Willows, Mole
2021, Hansel and Gretel, Gretel
2021, Fantastic Fred, Fred / Professor
Kent Tour
2021, Alice in Wonderland, The White Rabbit/The Catterpillar/The march hair and more
2020, The Thompson's War, Mr Thompson, Mr Kaufman, Sergent Penry Jones
2020, The Greatest Fairytale Ever Told, The Evil Queen, Jack's Mother, Big Bad Wolf, Silly Pig, Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty
2020, The Greatest Fairytale Ever Told, Evil Queen/Silly Pig/Others
2020, The Fantastic Fred Experience, Fred/Professor
2020, The Curse of the Mummy, Professor Herbert Pinkerton, Francois Baguette
2020, Snow Queen/Robin Hood, Gerda
2020, Robin Hood, Robin Hood
2020, Robin Hood, Maid Marion
2020, Perseus and Medusa, King Polydectes, Medusa, Grey Sister, Hermes, Theo
2020, Little Red Riding Hood, The Big Bad Wolf
2020, All the World's a Stage, Francis Drake, Richard Burbage, Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon
2020, Alice in Wonderland, Alice
Will Gillham
2020, Alice in Wonderland, White Rabbit / March Hare / Caterpillar
Charlie Ives
2019, The Wind In The Willows, Mole/Mrs Otter
2019, The Wind In the Willows, Ratty/Chief Weasel
2019, The Wind in the Willows, Ratty / Chief Weasel

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Hobgoblin, hobgoblin tc, Hobgoblin Theatre, hobgoblin theatre co, hobgoblin theatre co.