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Horseshoe Theatre Company has just passed its first birthday and we are proud to have five successful productions behind us : Yerma, An Inspector Calls, Teechers, A Doll's House and The Caretaker.

In May we look forward to presenting A Gate Escape by Mark Wheeller, author of the hugely popular GCSE text 'Too Much Punch for Judy'.

As we evolve our mission becomes ever clearer: to produce great modern classics from the curriculum for the benefit of public exam students and also for the wider community in and around Cambridge.

Our productions can only ever be as good as our actors and, because we offer good parts in good plays, we have been lucky enough to attract some fine professional talents. We're fast building up a pool of distinguished regulars - Keith Parry (Davies) some may recognise in The Caretaker from his acclaimed portrayal of Mr Birling in An Inspector Calls last May.

Our sets will always be pared down and we make no apology for this. In the near future we plan to become a touring company (our production of Teechers goes to Newbury in March 2007) so our sets will always have to fit in the back of a van. But, if anything, we regard it as an asset for students of theatre to see just how much scope there is to create something out of nothing. We are now officially a door-less, wall-less company!

We have, till now, invested all our efforts into getting our shows on for just a handful of performances. The up-and-running productions you see, at between one and five days old, would be barely into preview stage in the West End. On the upside what you see is always fresh-as-a-daisy - no time to get stale or stuck in a rut - but there's barely time to hit our stride before it is all over.

This is another reason why Horseshoe is keen to get on the road in order to get more value out of our hard work. But we will always be a Cambridge-based company and it is our intention for our productions always to launch here before going on, we hope, to great things!

So watch this space! And enjoy the show.

Your feedback and suggestions are, as ever, warmly welcomed.

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