How it Ended Productions

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How it Ended Productions is the theatrical pairing of Eva Sampson & Teresa Burns. Alongside Madeleine Cree; the super lighting & sound designer, the team will be at the Fringe in August.

The company is based in Luton and is very much inspired by Luton and the way in which the world views it. Luton has directed inspired their latest production... WATERPROOF.

Written by Teresa Burns. ...

A wonderfully weird and whimsical one woman show starring Eva Sampson.

Welcome to Aqua Town!

Luton's best (and only) aquarium.

Now closed to the public, the exhibits have vanished; there is no water; just a leaky roof and a girl who desperately wants to hold onto something beautiful in a town surrounded by crime and controversy.

Meet Laura and her goldfish Toby and watch as she transforms the world around her where magic is found in even the most mundane. A visually stunning spectacular filled with puppets, colouring pencils and string. Books become buildings, staircases lead us up to the stars and a dusty old record collection spells out epic romance.

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