Ice and Fire (Theatre Production Company)

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Iceandfire explores human rights stories through performance. It is a company with a distinct, contemporary voice creating work of excellence across our four work strands: production, outreach, education and participation.

Founded in 2003 by playwright Sonja Linden the company sees theatre as the natural medium to communicate stories that make real and relevant the impact of human rights issues on our everyday lives: a dedicated space to explore and understand stories that are often passed over or ignored.

Through active involvement with human rights themes we creatively respond to key issues affecting our society and the world beyond. By working with a varied range of partners – arts, community and campaigning organisations – we will continue to disseminate our work to an increasingly wide-ranging audience.

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    Alternative Company Names

    • iceandfire Theatre Ltd
    • Iceandfire
    • Ice and Fire Theatre Company
    • Ice and Fire Theatre
    • Ice & Fire