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Leaping from the present day to the year 3017 Chronicles of Syntax follows the journey of the guerrilla operation F.A.N through an apocalypse in the year 2012 to being torn apart and lost in the wilderness of a dead future Earth.

Here we meet Syntax, a curious young girl who appears to have lost her memory.
Found by TrojAn Technologies in the wasteland, Syntax’s mysterious body modifications and superior fighting skills are quickly turned against the opposing E.D.A.N faction and she is forced to become a deadly Warrior. Syntax is soon to learn about the harsh world she inhabits as she discovers good and evil are not so easily told apart. She must unlock the truth of her past in order to save the future, and decide quickly on the only choice available to her in this new Earth they call Hades:

Live To Fight or Fight To Live.

Starring: Laura O'Donoughue, Daniel Tyler-Smith, Tara Muir, Liam Dryden, RacheL Lucy, Lucy Meredith, Victoria Hopkins, Richard Buxton, Darrin Cooper, Robert Hartley Wainright, Chris Holbrook, Anna Wilde, Stuart Boother, Sarah Pitard, Ronin Traynor, Richard Roberts, Kaitlin Howard

Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

2016, Chronicles of Syntax, Producer
Gary Mellor
Motion Graphic Designer
2013, Web Series - Chronicles Of Syntax, Visual FX Manager
2013, Chronicles of Syntax Season One, Fenway
Sarah Pitard
2013, Chronicles of Syntax Fallen Angel Miniatures, Liza
Dita Tantang
2013, Chronicles Of Syntax (Web Series), Shia (recurring role)
Sarah Pitard
2013, Chronicles of Syntax - Episode 6 (Sugar & Ice), Liza
Sarah Pitard
2013, Chronicles of Syntax - Episode 5 (Carnage), Liza
Sarah Pitard
2013, Chronicles of Syntax - Episode 4 (Taking Candy), Liza
2013, Chronicles of Syntax, James Black
Ebony-Rae Michaelson
Make-up Artist
2012, Chronicles of Syntax, Key Make up, SFX Make up
2012, Chronicles of Syntax, Server
2012, Chronicles of Syntax, Nathanial
Polly Dorou
2012, Chronicles of Syntax, Candy 2
2012, Chronicles of Syntax, Hugo Smyth
Senol Dervis
2012, Chronicles of Syntax, Tycon
Oliver Marsh
Actor, Singer
2012, Chronicles of Syntax, Guard
2012, Chronicles of Syntax, Teacher
2011, Chronicles of Syntax, Janos Blake
2010, Primary Faction, Fenway/Narrator

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