Impulse Theatre Company (Theatre Production Company)

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About The Impulse Company

The vision of artistic director Scott Williams commits us to teaching actors, writers and directors under a unified set of principles designed to promote positive interaction and a common language. Actors are trained to 'live truthfully' under the imaginary set of circumstances represented by a play, film or TV script through the application of a specific and practical technique, represented by a set of exercises and text analysis tools. The Impulse Technique combines our development of the exercises originally devised by Sanford Meisner at Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater in New York with the positive, supportive approach practiced and promoted by William Ball, founder of the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

The Impulse Company offers a year-round programme of discrete courses and Drop Ins, as well as a part-time First Year course in the Technique and a Second Year course which takes the Technique forward into rehearsal and performance, culminating in a two week run under professional conditions.

Reinventing the Actor

The demands of 'the business' on the 21st century actor are extreme. Without the 'apprenticeship' that used to be offered by rep or one of the standing companies, today's actor has to make it up as s/he goes along. We aim to develop practitioners who have the choice to be part of a community dedicated to excellence, which celebrates and honours the craft of the individual.

# We aim to develop practitioners who are: - Creative
# Resourceful
# Proactive
# Proud
# Courageous
# Positive
# Flexible
# Far sighted
# Empathetic
# Considerate, and
# Courteous

This ethos is as important to us as the Technique we teach.

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