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JML has come a long way in 25 years. It all began in 1986 in John Mills’ basement, but today, it encompasses a workforce of over 300, selling products to more than 80 countries worldwide. JML’s unique combination of innovative screen promotions and TV home advertising continues to be a huge force in driving volume and footfall to our retailers - and long may it continue!

JML offers great terms to help guarantee retailer profits, including:

• Sale or return options for large clients
• All promotional materials including brand new screen technology
• Expert sales support regularly from our field sales team
• Heavyweight TV advertising
• TV ads tagged with YOUR name

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Alternative Company Names

  • John Mills Ltd
  • John Mills Limited
  • JML Tv
  • JML Studios
  • JML Shopping Channel
  • JML Productions
  • JML Production
  • JML Media
  • JML Ltd
  • JML House Kentish Town, London.
  • JML Group
  • JML Direct Shopping Channel
  • JML Direct