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Kaleidovision is a multi-award winning agency with 15 years' experience working with the high street's biggest brands.

We help multi-site retailers use digital technology to communicate to today's media-loving customers - from the relatively straightforward roll-out of background music systems across a client's estate, to more complex projects that require conceptual development, creative input, software development and focused project management.

The company is recognised in the UK as having created the concept of video screen-based marketing channels across multiple sites, and continues to innovate and excite with new ideas and applications in this space.

Connected mandy members:

Kate Thomas
2021, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood Bowl Employee
Carmen Fortea
Director of Photography
2019, Earth & Sky, Director of Photography
Lorna Reed
Voice Over: English
2018, YHA School Trips Promo, Narrator
Janice Fitzpatrick
Voice Over: English
2018, Private Members Club Corporate Video, Voiceover
2018, Gala Bingo, Host
2018, For Hollywood Bowl, Mother
Sorin Damian
2017, Aspria Online, Dierctor
Cecilia Gragnani
Voice Over: Italian
2017, Aspria Harbour Club, Narrator
Cara Warwick
2017, ASPRIA, Producer / Production Manager
Marina Fusella
Sound Recordist
2016, aspria (promo), sound recordist
Tom Harrop
Voice Over: English
2015, Fitbox User Guide, Voice Over
2014, Up Selling, Gala Bingo, Customer
Gala Bingo, Borehamwood
Joan Bordera
Director of Photography
2014, Shadow Lounge, Director of Photography
Nicole Eveleigh
Editor (Final Cut Pro)
2014, Job roles films - Gala Bingo, Editor
2014, Gala Upselling, Presenter
2014, Gala Bingo Upselling, Bingo Customer
Jessica Jay
Actor, Singer, Talent
2014, Gala Bingo Training x 2, Host
London + Poole
2014, Gala Bingo Buzz Coordinator, Gala Bingo Customer
2014, Gala Bingo, Hostess
2014, Gala Bingo, Host
Gala Bingo

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