Leopard Films Ltd (Production Company)

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Leopard Films prides itself on producing high quality programmes for all the major terrestrial and cable channels in the UK and the USA. The company strives at all times for creativity, originality, richness of content, cracking entertainment and a fresh perspective. With a Best Drama award at the Mental Health Awards for Mysterious Creatures, a Royal Television Society nomination for Cash in the Attic, hit shows on BBC1 and ITV, HGTV, Channel 4, Court TV and BBC America and programmes licenced to North America, the Far East, Africa and Australia, the company is going from strength to strength. "Leopard Films is a thriving, exciting environment" says Leopard Films CEO, James Burstall.

"We are a forward-thinking company and we are currently working with a large international team of creative people. We invite the very best people in the industry to come to us with their ideas, so that we can make some truly ground-breaking programmes together. We do have excellent contacts with all the channels, so that we can get our ideas on air. Doing good deals with all our partners is also central to our thinking... this is ethical, modern business practice."

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Alternative Company Names

  • Leopardrama Ltd
  • Leopard TV
  • Leopard Films Ltd & Leopardrama Ltd
  • Leopard Films
  • Leopard