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Connected mandy members:

Cady Heller
2022, LG Commercial, AI
Anna Gammans
Voice Over: English
2021, LG OLED X Damien Hirst: A History of Painting, Voice over for short promotional film
2020, Unknown and not available, Hand Model
David Drakeford
Voice Over: English
2020, LG television commercial, Voice Over
2020, Clean Homes, Sherlock
Seoul, South Korea
Joe Nowell
Voice Artist
2019, LG Home Battery RESU10M, Voice Over
Laura Corradi
Actor, Singer
2019, LG Home Automation system trial, Voiceover
Bare Wall Studios
Julio Diaz
2018, LG, Life of the Party - Clubgoer
Julian Owusu
2018, LG, Actor
Michal Magen
2018, LG, Presenter
Benji Dotan
2017, LG VR Headset commercial, LG VR headset user
Simon Morton
2017, LG TwinWash, Thomas Edison
Ali Embury
Make-up Artist
2016, Swell energy LG battery, Key makeup artist
Christina Tran
Production Assistant
2016, MJZ, Set P.A.
Bryce Gubler
Director (Self Shooting)
2015, LG -- Sieze the Moment, Director
David Fabbro
2015, L&G Lifetime Mortgages Campaign, Delivery Man
Location shoot, Essex
Katharine Aitken
Voice Over: English
2014, LG washing machine, Voice direction for LG washing machine
Dorian Allen
2014, LG Appliances - It's Not Magic, Host
Christian J Wilde
Actor, Singer
2014, LG Advert, Rock
Arman Zajic
Director of Photography
2014, LG / Keep it simple, Director of Photography / Editor

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