London Comedy Writers

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The London Comedy Writers is a group of writers, actors and anyone else who staggers into the meeting. Together they are united by their desire to improve on scripts, network and have a good laugh. The meetings held every 2 - 3 weeks usually see a writer bring a 30 minute script to the group which is performed by out talented actors and then the writer receives honest and constructive feedback from those in the group.

All are welcome, no need to let us know you are coming just turn up. Nothing is expected of you at the meeting, you can share your thoughts or just sit back and enjoy the show. The best thing is the whole thing is free!

Graham Trelfer (chairman, editor)

Graham has worked in TV for the past 8 years, writing scripts for Kirsty's Home Videos, TV's Naughtiest Blunders and documentary series Britain in the 90s. He has also worked in entertainment development in search of the latest reality show hit. It pays the bills. As an official reviewer for Remotegoat Graham gets to see many of the upcoming performers, writers and directors on the London Fringe. Graham took over the role of chairman at the London Comedy Writers at the beginning of 2006. Since then he chaired over 75 meetings and reading as many scripts. He is responcable for the upkeep of the the London Comedy Writer website as well as managing the twitter and the facebook. Under the banner of the London Comedy Writers Graham co-produced the Matthew Jessee directed production, Detective Story. More recently Graham signed on to work with fellow LCW member Kenny Cavey in building ComComedy an exciting new venture that gives the LCW a powerful production arm and distrubuter for their work. As well as prodcuing shoots Graham will also heading up the scripts for webisodes.

Tristan White (secretary)

Tristan was one of the groups founding members back in 2001. He currently holds the record for best attendance. His dedication to the group has kept us all informed of many contests and events. He has a script in development with a Danish Producer.

Robin Balies (casting)

Robin is a struggling freelance writer with various credits on stage, page, screen and radio and will write pretty much anything for money. He has 4 published pantomimes, has written for 6 different BBC radio shows and was a winner in the BBC's Last Laugh sitcom writing competition. He is the presenter of a new web series called Dark Corners (of this sick world) based around old B movies and directed by LCW's Graham Trelfer. Robin has been a member of London Comedy Writers for 5 years (possibly 6) and also enjoys acting poorly when required.

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