Mad Dog 2020 Casting

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2020 Casting was formed in 1996 as the first ever skills-led agency. They pioneered the idea that skilled background could enhance and authenticate a film or television project by supplying not only the very best, but also the most authentic background available. In doing so they have become one of the premier suppliers of background in the industry.

In 2017 they merged with Mad Dog Casting to form Mad Dog 2020 Casting. Their trained staff work closely with the production teams, read scripts, meet costume and hair departments, discuss the production needs and are on call to the AD teams throughout their schedule. They have changed the way film extras are viewed not only in this country but abroad and are continuing to grow and expand. They now serve the UK acting community with 3 regional offices:

  • London

  • Cardiff

  • Manchester

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Known TV Show involvement


Connected mandy members:

Priya Jagota
2021, Stay Close - Netflix, Supporting Artist
2021, Apple TV - Tailspin, Passerby
Ealing Broadway
2020, We Hunt Together, Background
Kevin Neil Crook
Voice Over: English
2020, The Duke, Court room scene and BBC Head Office scene
2020, The Cry, Plane Passanger
Zac Rashid
Voice Over: English
2020, Mother father son, Police
Martin Polak
2020, Morbius, Passerby
Gary J Hewitt
Casting Assistant
Karim Motaz
2020, I Hate Suzie, Supporting
Rose Wilson
2020, Farming (Drama), Passer by 70s and 80s
Chatham Dock Yard
Karim Motaz
2020, Brave New World, Supporting
2019, Victoria Series 2, Member of parliment (SA)
2019, Through the keyhole, Cian from ‘boyzone’
Holly Wilson
2019, The Split, supporting artist
2019, The Bay S2, Funfair Goer
Martin Polak
2019, Spiderman Far from home, Czech Reveller
Klynton Dyer
2019, Show dogs, Featured extra
Sarah Forbes
2019, Sex Education, Orange Team, Swim Coach
Kevin Neil Crook
Voice Over: English
2019, Quiz, Production team and quiz contestant
Phil Stanley
2019, National Lottery Online, Audience member

Mad Dog 2020 Casting Jobs

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Alternative Company Names

20 20 casting, 2020 Casting /Magnus Rex, 2020 Casting Agency, Mad Dog 2020 agency, Mad Dog Casting