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Menace films and entertainment are an ambitious young film and entertainment company
that is
dedicated to stories that say something about the human condition as well as entertain.

As well as independently making our own films we are willing to share a platform with other companies that seek to push the envelope in their filmmaking. We actively seek to collaborate with companies, filmmakers, Investors and entertainment professionals who would like to work on exciting projects.

Connected mandy members:

Zoey Stein
2022, Girl No. 1, Video girl no. 4
Simon Leavesley
2021, The Spice of Life, Editor/Colour grader/Soundsync
Marco Beyermann
Camera Operator (HD)
2021, THE SPICE OF LIFE, Director of Photography
Ingrid Marsh
2021, Niomi (In Production), Carol - Beauty Shop Owner
2021, Girl Number One, T-man
2021, Boy Blue, Actor
2021, Boy Blue, Scruffy Teen
2021, Boy Blue, Frederick
Ariel Artur
Director of Photography
2021, Boy Blue, Director of Photography
2020, Lucy for a Day, Shirley
2018, The Rap Killer, Jenny
Stefanos Stafylas
Sound Recordist
2018, The Conversation, Sound Recordist
2014, The Rap Killer, James Ade
2013, The Rap Killer, Steve Wilshere
Anthony Brown
Director of Photography
2013, The Rap Killer, Cinematographer
Ty Bankinson
2013, The Rap Killer, Rap Killer/Trey Jones
2013, The Rap Killer, Karen - Trey Jones/Geoffrey's Mum
2013, 1985, Peter
Dalston Jazz Bar
Ty Bankinson
2012, SE1/Riot, Evans (Lead)
2012, SE1:Evans Baby/Welcome To Hell, Science
Set in East London UK

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Alternative Company Names

Menace Films & Entertainment, Menace Films and Entertainment