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The students of Manchester School of Art studying Filmmaking are the people involved in making the films in which we have so far come across montage, documentary, and drama films.

Connected mandy members:

Theo Piper-Griffiths
Production Assistant
2012, Interpretation, Graphic editor
Sam Marsden
Camera Assistant
2012, Ideal Forgery / Your Prescription, Camera Operator
Koosha Koosha
Camera Operator
2012, Grey, Director-Cameraman
Abi McVeigh
2012, Consider Yourself, Cinematographer
Koosha Koosha
Camera Operator
2012, A Clockwork Orange In Iran, Director-Cameraman
Abi McVeigh
2011, Writer's Block, Editor
Callum Harrison
Art Dept Assistant
2011, The Lizards / Dance To Your Tune, Art Assistant
2011, Shellshocked, Guy
Taran Knight
2011, Reasons to be Pretty, Gregg
Axis Theatre
Peter Neaves
2011, Parallels, Alan
Andy Mills
2011, Mrs Medlay, Postman
2011, MMU Barrister Roleplay, Jack
Manchester Metropolitan University
2011, MMU, Lead William
Josh Morter
2011, Mantis, Sam
Brian McNulty
2011, Just a Racket, Director, editor
2011, Johnstone Investigates, Stuart Moss (lead)
Koosha Koosha
Camera Operator
2011, Faith, Director-Cameraman
Will Alexander
Writer / Director
2011, Elephant in the room, Producer/Director
Dale Edwards
2011, Death of a Maiden, Gerardo Escobar
Axis Arts Centre
2011, Broken Glass, Hannah

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