Monkey Kingdom Productions (Production Company)

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Monkey is one of the Britain’s leading independent production companies.
Founded in 2001, Monkey delivers high quality scripted, factual and entertainment programming in
both the UK and the USA.

Monkey has a proven ability to produce a wide range of content, as diverse as The Charlotte Church Show, The House Of Obsessive Compulsives, The Secret World of Sam King and Prince Charles’ Other Mistress, ensuring that ideas will always be given the best possible creative and production support.

Monkey has built a strong reputation for its work with talent. Whether it’s Charlotte Church, Elton John, or Girls Aloud, Monkey continues to demonstrate an ability to create the best possible format for the performer.

Known TV Show involvement

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    Alternative Company Names

    • Monkey Kingdom/Channel 4
    • Monkey Kingdom Ltd
    • Monkey Kingdom
    • E4 / Monkey Kingdom