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We believe that all young people should have the opportunity to attend outstanding theatre, irrespective of their cultural, social or economic background. Our mission is to increase young people’s access to the best of live theatre in London (particularly those young people with limited resources, opportunities or support) and to enable them to engage creatively with that experience.

As an independent charity, Mousetrap Theatre Projects is in a unique position to select the appropriate or relevant theatre productions in and beyond the West End that stimulate and inspire young people. We devise programmes that use theatre as a catalyst to explore ideas, learn new skills, develop creativity and offer new perspectives. At the heart of our education and outreach work is the desire to open doors to young people who might otherwise consider London’s rich cultural heritage closed to them.

Core Values

* To develop programmes in consultation with users and in response to an identified need
* To work collaboratively with other arts and education organisations and theatres
* To maintain our strategic and programming independence
* To deliver our programmes with rigour, integrity and artistic excellence
* To evaluate and refine programmes on a continuous basis

Connected mandy members:

2017, The Mousetrap (West-end), Sgt.Trotter
St.Martins's theatre
Jocasta King
2017, The Mousetrap, Miss Casewell
St Martins Theatre
Saskia Godwin
Company Stage Manager
2017, The Mousetrap, Company Stage Manager
St Martin's Theatre
2017, The Mousetrap, Major Metcalf
The St Martin's Theatre
2017, The Mousetrap, U/S Mollie Ralston and Miss Casewell
St. Martins Theatre, (West End) London
Rosalind Doré
Stage Manager
2017, The Mousetrap, Deputy Stage Manager
St Martin's Theatre
2017, Playmakers, Various (3 short plays)
Churchill Theatre
Maddie Mellon
Set Designer
2017, Mousetrap Theatre Awards, Pianist
Tom Quinn
Voice Over: English
2016, The Mousetrap (WEST END), Christopher Wren u/s
Tom Quinn
Actor, Singer
2016, The Mousetrap, Christopher Wren U/S
St. Martin's Theatre
Emily Wallis
2016, The Mousetrap, Mollie (Miss Casewell u/s)
St Martins Theatre
2016, The Mousetrap, Mrs Boyle (Understudy)
St Martin's Theatre
Philip Cox
2016, The Mousetrap, Paravicini
St Martin's Theatre
Iain Gonoude
Technical Stage Manager
2016, The Mousetrap, Master Carpenter
St Martin's Theatre
2016, The Mousetrap, Detective Trotter
St Martin's Theatre
Will Huntington
Voice Over: English
2015, The Mousetrap, Christopher Wren U/S
2015, The Mousetrap, Christopher Wren U/S
St. Martin's Theatre
2015, The Mousetrap, Paravicini
Eleanor Cox
2015, The Mousetrap, Miss Casewell
St. Martin's Theatre
2015, Murder at Mousetrap Manor, Julie Val Jour

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Alternative Company Names

Mousetrap Production Ltd, Mousetrap Productions Limited, Mousetrap Productions Ltd, Mousetrap Theatre Projects