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The company was set up to make meet the adebanjos

Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

Paris Robin
2021, Meet The Adebanjos (Netflix), Lizzie
2016, The TBoy Show - Season 2, Auntie Bola (lead)
Quason Matthews
Camera Operator
2016, The Tboy Show, Director
Emma Read
2016, The Tboy Show, Megan
2016, Meet the Adebanjos, Season 3, Tanisha
David Erdos
2016, Meet the Adebanjos Series 2 and 3, Tony the Cafe Owner
Paul Coster
2016, Meet the Adebanjo's, rich lawer Nicholas
2016, Do You Know Your Roots, female contestant
MTA Productions Studio: Unit G, Lombard Business Park
2015, The T-Boy Show, Charles
Oliver Bruce
Camera Operator
2015, The T Boy Show Season 2, A Camera Operator
2015, TBoy Season 2, Sharon
Aaron Ripley
2015, T-Boy Show, Robber
Aaron Ripley
2015, T-Boy Show, Rowdy Customer
2015, T-Boy Show, "Wolf" - Main character drill sergeant, Texan accent, heavy dialogue.
Shot on Location in 10 Ache home/woodlands in Kent (Sevenoaks)
Allison Turnley
Costume Designer
2015, T-Boy Show, Costume Designer
2015, T-Boy Show, Ella
MTA Studios
Callum Lewin
2015, T-Boy, Security Guard
Rebecca Richards
2015, Meet The Adebanjos (Series 3), Camera Operator
2015, Meet the Adebanjos (Season III), Anarchist (Actor)
Croydon, London
Brian Yansen
2015, Meet The Adebanjos (Season 3), Jeff

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Alternative Company Names

MTA Production, MTA Productions LTD, MTA Productions Ltd / Fresh Media Productions Ltd