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MVF was founded in 2009 by five friends in a basement near Borough Market in London. (Remember, even Google had to start somewhere.)

The five had already worked together over the past 10 years in a wide range of successful start-ups. Some of them created Approved Index, a lead-generation company that grew out of a small room on London’s Brick Lane to be the UK’s top B2B Lead-generation Company, sold in 2008 to Reed Elsevier.

The vision for MVF was different. It was designed to do more and be more: a highly scalable model, which finds and distributes high quality prospects for ambitious businesses, with the power to take them global. Today we even close sales on behalf of our clients too, allowing them to focus on delivery.

In the early stages the founding team developed and refined a technology to enable the rapid creation of quality websites in our target verticals. This technology was rolled out with great success, creating sites that attract millions of relevant visitors. For example, our solar website in the UK is the largest solar site in the UK by traffic – and our French and German sites are market leaders too.

The new sites soon became powerful new sales tools in their own right, bringing big name clients like Mars, EDF and Nestlé on board.

Where are we now? Well, the company has grown from a team of five to over 150 employees in five years, and we now operate in over 50 countries worldwide.

Key to our success is the way we hire. We only recruit people with the language skills, cultural knowledge and winning attitude to sustain this incredible growth. We have a fantastic fast-track graduate scheme, which has seen eight graduates become head of their own departments in just two years.

And the future? We’re well on the way to fulfilling our original vision of becoming the world’s #1 resource for high quality prospects and customers in fast growing markets.

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