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Next Wave Motion Pictures is an independent video production company that is dedicated to creating high quality feature films for theatrical, DVD and Blu-Ray distribution.

Next Wave Motion Pictures was originally founded in 2010 by two students Ryan Claffey & Carl Bryan. Both at the time were studying at the University of West London.

Their first projects together involved a music video Play it to Win, two short films, Talking to the Filth (2010) Cardsharps (2010.)

In 2011 Ryan Claffey penned the screenplay to their first feature film, London Stories (2012) Which screened at the Portobello Film Festival.

The film proved so popular that it was nominated for two awards in one night. The best audience award and the best London/UK Film.

2012 brought the second feature collaboration of Ryan Claffey and Carl Bryan with Chasing Borders (2013.) The film included British Asian actor Ameet Chana (Eastenders, Bend it Like Beckham) as well as starring Actor and Producer Manish Patel. The film will be screening at various festivals during 2013-2014.

Recently the Next Wave team has taken a step back from art house films and have focused their concentration on commercial success.

2014 brings the most exciting chapter in Next Wave Motion Picture's history, thus far. In 2013 Ryan Claffey
Met and spoke with celebrity gangster Dave Courtney, in his home at Camelot Castle. Ryan pitched the screenplay Sacrifice and a month later Ryan Claffey and Carl Bryan found themselves in principle photography of their latest feature film Sacrifice.

The film also brings to the screen Joe Prospero's (Finding Neverland, My Uncle Silas) first acting role as an adult. He stars as a quick witted, smart mouth talking card player.

Connected mandy members:

2013, Sacrifice, Chris
Rob Cummings
2013, Sacrifice, Nathan
Scott Hinds
2013, Sacrifice, Dennis
Ryan Claffey
2013, Sacrifice, Writer/Director/Producer/
2013, Chasing Borders, Nathan
Ryan Claffey
2013, Chasing Borders, Writer/Director/Producer/
Leon Wander
2012, Ghetto Fairytale, The Client
2012, Chasing Borders, Mary
Tony Sams
2012, Chasing Borders, Nigel
Ryan Claffey
2011, London Stories, Writer/Director/Producer/

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