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Nickelodeon (commonly referred to as Nick) is an American cable television network owned by Viacom International.

Nickelodeon's target audience is primarily children ages 7-11, with other programs aimed toward children ages 12-17 in a weekend segment known as TEENick, a weekday morning segment aimed toward children ages 2-6 known as Nick Jr., and a late-night segment aimed toward general audiences known as Nick at Nite.

Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

Dana Osburn
Writer / Director
2021, Creative Promotions, Writer/Producer
Emmy Peach
2021, Counting Stars, Mandy's Friend
Julie Lund
2021, Baby Shark's Big Show, Goldie
2021, Advert, Voiceover
Jason Solari
2020, Tedder / Fuller Pilot, Production Coordinator
Dana Keren
Set Designer
2020, superdaddy TV show, Mural artist
broadcast studios
Dana Keren
Set Designer
2020, superdaddy TV show, set dressing assistant
broadcast studios
Julie Lund
2020, Spyders, Anna
Joseph McShan
Production Assistant
2020, Spongebob As Told By, Production Associate
Chris Pate
Camera Operator (HD)
2020, Same Character Different Artist, Camera/Lighting
Matt Bellamy
2020, Play On!, Director
Saskia von Mendel
Actor, Singer
2020, Paw Patrol Live, Rocky
Lloyd Dodge
2020, Paw Patrol, Sid the pirate
Little Music Company
Chelsea Parrish
Motion Graphic Designer
2020, Nickelodeon, Motion Graphics Designer
Carling Mott
Production Co-ordinator
2020, Nickelodeon, Production Assistant
2020, Nickelodeon, A kid
2020, Nick Jr. Live! "Move to the Music", Rod/Nonny/Dance Captain
Daisie - Belle
Voice Over: English
2020, My Fairy Garden, Voiceover
Tony Carey
Line Producer
2020, Meet The Voxels, Line Producer
Jon Watts
2020, Lay Lay Photo Shoot, COVID-19 Compliance Officer

Nickelodeon Jobs

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Alternative Company Names

Nickalodeon, Nickelodean, Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon UK, nickleodeon, Nickolodeon, Nikalodeon, Nikelodeon