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In August 2011, I, Kamilla, started the small production company NonPop Productions Ltd. It is a small independent company, with 3 projects currently in development.

The original idea and motivation behind starting a production company came from several factors. From early on, my interest in filmmaking has been tightly connected to novels – storytelling and characters. Stories addressing themes, whether daring or safe, where appealing as long as it left me with some kind of butterfly feeling in the gut and visual images taking the story beyond the page. Then came writings – pitches of my own and other’s fresh from a place in someone’s mind. Soon came making the films – varying as much in quality and quantity as in themes and style. After exploring several areas within the production, producing became a natural choice for me. One I have further explored and work with the last couple of years – always learning as we go.

NonPop is a further step towards producing the films I – and those around me – believe in. Starting the company in advance of my final year of studying film at Falmouth University College, NonPop will include my 2 graduate projects in collaboration with the university, in addition to independent productions. The goal is to bring these productions out of the bubble of education – hopefully giving them, and us, a life after graduation.


When starting Upper Secondary in Norway (or High School if you wish) – I studied Media and Communication – focusing on film in particular. This was all so new and inspiring – and vital years that moulded my approach and interest to filmmaking as a career. During this period I nagged myself into an internship at SKY Movies in London in May 2007. Travelling and getting a look at the world beyond my high school productions (no matter how valuable and challenging they were) was a massive push of inspiration. Whether it’s the route you want to go – meeting people who’s name scroll over the screen and realising they are people, ‘normal’ people who once stood where you did – it makes the whole thing more real.

It’s understandable that it’s important to give a realistic image of how hard this ‘industry’ is – and I am of no impression it’s going to be a easy ride. But at times it’s crucial to stop and focus on what’s possible as well. I think.

Therefore: Being a young Production Company, working mainly with new and freshly established filmmakers, NonPop wish to embrace and, for a lack of a better word, nourish them. As a part of this, NonPop has arranged a scheme where students from a high school in Norway gets to follow the productions through pre to post, including flying over to work on the production stage itself. Working as production assistants and generally exploring the aspects of their own, and our, interests. Hopefully inspire them to continue down the route of filmmaking despite all the warning signs (I’m still ignoring them) – and as cheesy as it sounds: take the training wheels off.

The fascinating thing about talent is that you never know where it hides – whether the person behind the camera of your first short one-day becomes a successful DoP or production designer. Or just a bloody mean critic. Point is that finding good people is gold – and the kind worth saving.

Kamilla is a graduate Film student at UCF with a focus on Producing and Production Managing. Having always been fascinated by storytelling and characters, she continues to write stories and screenplays on the side. She has got several years of experience in producing and managing for film, events and business.

James is a director with deep interest in both film and theatre, currently in the same graduating year of his Film BA at University College Falmouth. Writing some of his own work and getting involved early in the screenwriting process when not, James follows the development closely – putting his own touch and unique style between the lines. James has always been keen on a close relationship with cast and crew, where collaboration and contributions are valued and seen as enriching the final product.

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