Northern Theatre Company (Theatre Production Company)

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Northern Theatre is well known both locally and nationally for its challenging and uncompromising approach to drama. Over the past 34 years it has encouraged children and inspired adults to engage in innovative and provocative theatre. The Company has never been reluctant to take on controversial issues be it male and child prostitution to Myra Hindley and the Moors murders. Richard Green, the Artistic director and founder of the Company, believes in a catalytic approach to theatre. ‘I could be directing the ‘Sound of Music’ one day’ he says ‘and the next a dark sexual play based on the works of Emile Zola’. It is this philosophy of varied and exciting theatre that makes Northern Theatre quite unique.
The Company has been a regular contributor to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival winners of four and five star revues. The Company’s Edinburgh productions include ‘Pacific Overtures’ ‘Clockwork Orange’ ‘Unidentified Human Remains’ and many more.
The Company’s Youth Theatre has also been highly successful, winning awards at the National Theatre and the Royal Festival Hall. These Youth productions have often spurred students on to success in the professional theatre and provided them with experiences that would, otherwise, have been denied them.

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    Alternative Company Names

    • Northern Theatre Compnay
    • northern theatre co.
    • northern theatre co
    • northern theatre
    • Northern Theater Company
    • northern tc