Objective Productions (Film and TV Production Company)

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Objective Productions has rapidly become one of Britain’s most influential independent production companies. Responsible for producing ground-breaking productions for a range of television broadcasters including Channel 4, The BBC, MTV, Five, E4, More 4 and ITV. Objective have also presented spectacular live theatre performances including illusionist and magician Derren Brown’s Laurence Olivier Award-winning British theatre tours. The company is moving beyond its core expertise in comedy, entertainment and magic to now encompass factual, documentary and current affairs projects, all of which are produced with the same flair and commitment to excellence we bring to all our output.

Known TV Show involvement

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Alternative Company Names

  • Ojective Productions
  • Objective Television
  • Objective prouductions
  • Objective Productions/Lime Pictures
  • Objective Productions, Channel 4
  • Objective Productions Ltd
  • Objective Productions for E4
  • Objective Productions for Channel 4
  • Objective Production
  • Objective prod
  • Objective
  • Channel 4/Objective Productions