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POPS was established in 1988 by family members experiencing the stigma and distress of supporting a relative through a custodial sentence. Since that time our remit has broadened as we have identified and responded to the needs of families.

Today we provide support services at all stages of the criminal justice system, from the arrest of a loved one through to the first steps towards resettlement. This is POPS ‘continuum of care’, a model in which support for offenders’ families is consistent, committed and continuous. We continue to be guided by need, involving users at every stage to direct service development and delivery. Families themselves are our greatest resource in assisting other families in need and we are active in encouraging those who have experienced the system to get involved.

Connected mandy members:

2022, Xiaomi, Shopper
London Eye
Iqtidar Khan
2022, What's love got to do with it, Uncle of main artist
2022, Two10, Extra
2022, Prisoner's of paradise, Voiceover actor- (voiceover acting in Creole)
Twickenham film studio
Camille Gill
2022, NDA, Supporting artist
Helen Tamlyn
2022, Mysterious Monsters (Unreleased), Villager
Helen Tamlyn
2022, Libra (Unreleased), Typist
John Walker
2022, Gentleman Jack, Passer by, Gardener
Edward Brooks
2022, Gangs of london, Anaesthetist
2021, What's love, Wedding guest
2021, Pop, Middle East
2021, Pistols, SA background extra
Tyrone Reid
2021, Euros FA, Background feature
Bobby Bonev
2021, Brussels, Featured Artist
Rick Grimes
2020, whirlwind, extra
2020, Morbius / plasma, Bystander
Crystal palace (site of )
2020, Jan22, Student
2020, Free rein, Stable hand
Taan Parisse
2020, Filmore, Extra
Shawn Backstrom
Motion Graphic Designer
2019, Windows Dev Collective Trailers, Motion Designer

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