Rainbow Theatre (Theatre/TIE)

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Rainbow has been working continually now for over twenty two years, building up a unique relationship with schools and adult audiences. The Company combines enormous theatre experience and expertise, with enthusiastic, talented young professional actors. Everyone is committed to the idea of making live-theatre truly magical - making audiences of all ages feel they are seeing and participating in a unique happening - the performance.

Rainbow's Schools Work always involves the crucial element of children and young people participating totally in the final performance or workshop. Rainbow actors are trained to work with their young participants, so that all are a crucial part of the final event. Children are not patronised - they are as important as the professional players.

The last few years have seen the great development of the Company. Now three of its key players and associate directors are opening up branches of Rainbow in the West Country, and London (East and West).

Rainbow has always thrived on feed-back from its audiences - so let us have all your comments so that we can continue to develop and expand - and share with you our joy in live theatre. We can usually accommodate any special needs you have. Rainbow actors will adapt their performances to the ages of the audience. DO PHONE & LET US HELP YOU

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