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Since 1993 the Raindance Film Festival has annually uncovered the hottest new filmmakers to hit the cinematic scene. Some Raindance-premiered hits are Pulp Fiction, Memento, the Blair Witch Project, Ghost World and Love Exposure. In 1998 Raindance launched the British Independent Film Awards – a yearly industry event attended by the upper ranks of the UK moviemaking establishment. The BIFAs are now regarded as one of the penultimate awards in the world film calendar. Honours have included Ben Kingsley, Harvey Weinstein, Richard Curtis, and helped launch countless films including 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire.

Connected mandy members:

Sarraa Ali
Director of Photography
2022, One Night, Gaffer
Levi Liston
2021, Wash Day, Kayden
Rebecca Todd
2021, Wash Day, Carol
Sarraa Ali
Director of Photography
2021, Time Flies (Working Title), Director of Photography
Naomi Bowman
2021, The Curse and The Grimoire, Imogen (LR)
Dan Blacka
2021, The Curse and the Grimoire, Balthazar (Lead)
Sarah Hardy
Content Producer
2021, Raindance Script Competition, Script Reader
2021, Nightmare In The Shadows (Proof of Concept), Mum
El Picena
Make-up Artist
2021, Nightmare in the Shadows, SFX Makeup Artist
2021, London's Burning, Joesph
Ken Stamp
2021, I'm Going Home (Post-Production), Arthur
Tom Metcalf
2021, Hair of the Dog, Peter *lead*
Anna Symonds
2021, Girl In The Shadows, Script Supervisor
El Picena
Make-up Artist
2021, Afterdate, SFX Makeup Artist, Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist
James Glyn
2021, After Date, Ari
2020, Trident Visuals Films, Actor, Leanne
Mariela Velasco
Project Manager
2020, Raindance Film Festival, Film Programmer
2020, Raindance, Dr Shergill
Tanya Nyari
2019, What took you so long?, Sandra
Finsbury Park
Chris Horton
2019, What took you so long, Mirabel
Various locations in London

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