Red Dog Film (Film and TV Production Company)

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Professional and feature film development

We have two feature projects at various stages of development. We are close to having the funding for a micro-budget first feature, which we aim to shoot late in 2011. We are also confident we can get support for our second feature, ‘Threads’, which is on a third draft script, which the both UK Film Council and Raindance festival have said is strong enough to ‘attract major UK talent’

Shorts and festivals

We are making around two shorts a year, each written and directed by one of the two senior filmmakers in RDF. The last year’s, ‘Fairytale’, will be shown at 12 festivals (5 international). This year, we have pooled resources to make a large-scale super hero short. We strongly feel that training and sign posting is not enough. It can leave people with no vision for turning hopes into reality. We have, and will continue, to build a local professional landscape where quality media professionals can train and stay in Lincoln and earn for their efforts.

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Alternative Company Names

  • The Red Dog Film
  • Red Dog Films