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Rolls-Royce is probably best known for making engines for the world’s biggest airliners and advanced military aircraft. However, we also produce low-emission power systems for ships - some of which we design ourselves - make critical equipment and safety systems for the nuclear industry and, power offshore platforms and major pipelines for the oil and gas industry. We support our customers with a global network of service centres.

Connected mandy members:

Curtis Reid
2022, Rolls Royce commercial, Male lead
Shenyue Ding
2021, Rolls Royce Black Badge Ghost, Lead Female
Dan Tucker
Voice Over: Hampshire
2020, EJ200 (Typhoon Jet Engine) Online Manual, Instructional Design and VO Artist
2019, The Original Chicken Boy, Photographer
Sam Padget
2019, Rolls Royce X Jammer, Camera Operator
Lerry Kin
2019, Rolls Royce "Legacy", Cinematographer
2019, Rolls Royce, Background.
Ruben Crow
Voice Over: English
2019, Rolls Royce, Voiceover
Craig Williams
Voice Over: English
2018, Online Web Video, Voice Over
Korey Waggoner
2017, The Original Chicken Boy, Stills
Emily Bliss
Make-up Artist
2017, Cannot disclose, Makeup artist
Matt Green
Director (Self Shooting)
2016, Rolls-Royce: Private Office, Director
2016, Rolls Royce, mum
Daniel Brewerton
Voice Over: English
2015, Rolls-Royce Social Media Voice, Main Voice
2014, Leadership in Action, Paul
Moey Hassan
2012, Corporate, Majid
2011, Scenes from an Investigation, Manufacturing Engineer
Fiona Goldman
Voice Over: English
2011, Audio, Narrator
Robert Joyce
2010, Rolls Royce training Video, Businessman
Chris Gunter
2010, Battle of the Bits, Stig
Rolls Royce

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