Rubber Republic

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We’re a boutique agency that make engaging and fun things happen to help brands thrive in a world curated by the likes of Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Whether this means a viral film, a game, a web app or an attention grabbing real world crossover event, we see our role as taking a brand’s character and expressing it in new and interesting ways that attract attention in social media channels.

We don’t do banner ads, Facebook ads, or that type of bought media. We do run an innovative online advertising network (the Viral Ad Network) that gets our clients’ content featured in influential blogs, but we also work hard to make and take content that audiences will love, and strategically place it where those audiences will come across it in their normal internet use.

Brands we’ve recently sprinkled some awesomeness on include Paramount Pictures, JVC, BBC, COI (Central Office of Information) and the ECB (England Cricket Board). We also do a lot of work with other agencies integrating into bigger campaigns. Industry friends include Glue London, AIS, Droga5, Ogilvy, MEC Global, AMV BBDO, BBH (and loads of others too!)

Connected mandy members:

Taryn Kay
2015, Hyundai Tucson, Cake Baker
Ben Metsers
Sound Recordist
2015, Dacia Duster - '#OnlyWhatMatters', Boom Operator
2014, The Alibis, Detective Inspector Miller
Alibi TV Ident
George Smith
2014, Busy Battle, Runner
2014, Alibi TV Ident, Jeremy Jones
2013, Yorkshire Tea commercial, 18th century dandy
Josh Wood
2013, Yorkshire Tea 'the Tea Song', Boyfriend
Marie Myrie
2013, Yorkshire Tea - 'The Tea Song', Girl with Arrow in Knee
Ashton Court Mansion
2013, The Tea Song, 18th Century Duelling Man
Bristol Ashton Court
2013, The Tea Song, Blue Monday
Ashton Court Bristol
2013, Million Dollar Steve, Featured Receptionist
2013, Lady Garden - BodyForm, Lady Gardener
2013, Billion Dollar Steve, Crystal (hippy twin 1)
2013, Billion Dollar Steve, The Boss
2013, Billion Dollar Steve, Office Worker
2013, Billion Dollar Steve, Skye
John Lomas
2013, Billion Dollar Steve, Bailiff
Nichole Bird
2013, Billion Dollar Steve, Hippy Follower
2013, Billion Dollar Steve, The Tramp
2013, Billion Dollar Steve, Disciple

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