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SAR Productions Ltd was created in 2009. It is the brainchild of writer/director Stephen Lloyd Jackson. The company was set up specifically to showcase and depict people originating from the African Diaspora living and working in London. Jackson want to tell deep intense, psychological and somewhat tragic human stories that will resonate across the board, in terms of sex and race on a global scale. Incidentally, 'SAR' is an abbreviation for Sex And Race, a trilogy of books written by the late Jamaican historian J.A. Rogers. Jackson intends to make a trilogy of unrelated movies over the next few years on tragic themes, but beautiful shot films with British Afro Caribbean’s. 'David Is Dying' is the first instalment of the trilogy. Jackson is currently in pre production of the second instalment, currently entitled: 'Sable Fable'.

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Alternative Company Names

SAR Prodcutions Ltd, SAR Production, Sar Productions, SARS Productions