Shiftwork Productions

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Shiftwork Productions is an up and coming film collective, a group of dedicated movie obsessives founded by Ashley Belgrave and Colm Field.

We pride ourselves on high quality productions, rich stories created professionally from often minimal budgets. It is a collaborative effort and if we can find people who will work with us rather than for us then all for the better – our hope is that potential collaborators can build their careers as we build our reputation. The four shorts created under our banner so far, as well as a fifth in the edit, reflect diverse interests in genres and styles – and have allowed every member of the team to experiment with their filmmaking role.

From development (where scripts are drafted, edited, and redrafted until the writer and director are satisfied) through filming (thanks to our excellent team our sets are renowned for running smoothly) to post-production (our editor is trained to a high-end professional standard), Shiftwork Productions are expanding upon our skillset with every production. We look forward to seeing you on the journey up.

Shift Work Productions have worked on a variety of formats from shooting on 16mm film, to shooting in digital with the Red1 camera, to the Canon 5D and 7D. We aim to document our journey, in blog form and as a video diary.

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