Sideways Theatre (Theare Company)

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Sideways Theatre Company creates and provides bespoke drama based projects, workshops and performances to suit any need from school based projects and Corporate Training to murder mystery and theme nights.

We want to offer the opportunity to schools, companies, businesses and the general public to experience quality and purely bespoke workshops, events, training sessions, community programmes, and entertainment.

Our workshops provide whoever's involved with much needed self esteem, team building and communication skills. We will be providing clients with the exact workshop they need, making each workshop unique to them.

We work with individuals if they have a presentation to make or a speech to give, or just to improve their delivery in every day life!!

We employ arts practitioners from the world of theatre, TV, film, dance and drama to deliver inspiring, challenging, motivating, and of course fun sessions for whoever the client may be.

Our performances either in a touring show or an evening Murder Mystery would stand out as quality productions with the audience's enjoyment at the forefront of our minds!

We work with any business, all key stages in any school, within any community setting or with any organisation.

Recent companies worked with are West Midlands police, the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership, Cheltenham Ladies College, and several Midlands schools.

Our Mission Statement
It is our aim to facilitate a change in the attitude towards using drama as an educational tool.

In schools, and colleges we cannot just rely on our skills on paper or in books to show that we will achieve our goals or succeed our dreams. We need to look at our communication and self esteem.

Children (and adults) respond so well to creative stimulus, and through drama and bespoke performances Sideways Theatre Company aim to enrich the existing curriculum with workshops, programmes and sessions which are challenging, accessible, great fun and, of course, incredibly effective for the students (child or adult) development.

We aim to develop programmes and demonstrations to assist any company or business with important issues that a flyer or billboard campaign cannot do by itself.

With our commitment to providing quality creative learning opportunities in every school, business and community across the UK we will be doing our utmost to contribute to a better society.

Sideways Theatre is all about coming at things from a different angle, and looking at things with fresh eyes. We take an exciting approach - not always the obvious or conventional, with a strong emphasis on practical involvement.

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