Silly Wee Films

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We offer high quality video production services at affordable prices as well as creating original movies.

Our independent production company is constantly growing and we work with a talented group of filmmakers including camera operators, director of photography, photographers, makeup artists, sound recordists, set designers, editors and composers.

As well as shooting on DV format we can also provide Hi-Def video production.

Connected mandy members:

2021, Origins of the Laoich, Gregor Dwyer
David Jenkins
COVID Compliance Officer
2021, Origins, Producer
Isaac Baker
2021, Origins, Composer
James Richard-Stewart
Voice Over: English
2020, Origins of the Laoich - Sizzle Reel, Cromwell
Kate Stone
AD (1st)
2020, Origins of the Laoich, Producer and 1st AD
2020, Origins of the Laochra - Sizzle Reel, Cromwell
Fraser Coull
AD (1st)
2019, Billy Kirkwood's TV Apocalypse, Writer/Director/Producer
Chris Bain
2018, Cops and Monsters - Season 2 - Episode 1, Mr Clark
India Stewart
Art Director
2018, Cops and Monsters, Production Designer
Chris Bain
2017, Cops and Monsters - Episode 7, Mr Clark
Kerry Francesca McAreavey
Costume Designer
2017, Cops and Monsters, Set Dresser/Wardrobe Assistant
Joanne Mason
Camera Assistant
2017, Cops and Monsters, Camera Assistant
2017, Cops and Monsters, Karis Jones
Chris Bain
2016, Cops and Monsters - Episode 5, Mr Clark
Chris Bain
2016, Cops and Monsters - Episode 3, Mr Clark
Robert Newth
2016, Cops and Monsters, Sound Editor, Composer
Simon Weir
2016, COPS & MONSTERS, Norris Fletcher
Chris Bain
2015, Cops and Monsters - Episode 1, Mr Clark
2015, Cops and Monsters, Julia
Simon Weir
2014, THE LAST BAR, Dusty Beaumont

Silly Wee Films Jobs

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Alternative Company Names

Silly Little Films, Silly Wee Film, Silly Wee Films, FK One Productions and Goldray Productions, Silly Wee Productions